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Show off your players to friends.

You can add comments, mark several skills with different possibilities, and even combine the marks to suit your needs! Everything you need in one single skiller.

Training Certificate

A training certificate system that allows users to get transparent proofs about player trainings.


Get a quick glance at your opponents: values, salaries, ages of their players, last tactics used, etcÂ…

Stadium Optimizer

Analyzes in detail your team's stadium taking into consideration its division and generates a report comparing current and ideal stadium performances.

MZ Plus Widgets

Create dynamic images to follow your series standings, friendly league standings or your results in the last matches.

League table

Get stat of a particular league or FL: teams age, values and wages, ranking, and so on.


How much will the taxes cut off your profits? Find out this valuable figure before selling your players! The calculator accepts youths, new and old players to your team.

TrainingCamp calculator

Quickly calculate costs for sending a player to training camp considering his salary and number of weeks

Series Calculator

Calculate in which series do two teams have chances of meeting, according to the series tree.


Generate in the quickest and easiest way the HTML code necessary to insert images into forums, GBs or WFO.

Birthdays' Schedule

Quickly get a schedule with your players' birthdays


Make conversions from any to every currencies in ManagerZone!