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MZ Plus is a new Project, brought from Managerzone users to the whole MZ Community.

Our main goal is to provide useful tools to improve your game experience and success.

MZPlus is currently in his Beta phase. At this step, your feedback regarding the project is very important for us. Comments, eventual bugs report and suggestions will be pleasantly received to be implemented in future updates along with more tools currently under development.

You can contact us to webmaster@mzplus.com.ar

We wish to thank to all those users helping and supporting our efforts into this project.

We also want to apologize because of the banners campaign included but you will easily realize that due to fast servers high cost we cannot avoid to include it.

You can begin your MZPlus experience by accessing our tools....

Welcome and enjoy!

MZ Plus.
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 MZPlus staff:
fashop - serlongo

 Translation collaborators:
patto17 - duquekarl - lanumero1 - abyrou - chinobar - piotrek_big - r3m4k3 - zatarra_bf - aysegul